silver lining

finding nothing missing

This is a challenging time. Even though it safe to say that while we are all going through things all the time. The past few weeks been exceptionally hard and have served to put all humans on Planet Earth on notice. We are ephemeral. We are not going to live forever and we need to love one another.

The birds hop down out of the trees to eat insects on grass that has nobody walking on it. Goats walk around Llandudno (my favorite town in Wales.)

Life goes on, and frankly the Earth probably needed a break from the mining and driving and chopping of trees. All of those things that our consumer-driven economy has convinced us that we need, well, we don't really need them now so badly, do we? In fact, some of us are barely wearing pants.

I'm not saying this virus is a good thing. Far from it. But I am saying that there are some silver linings.

Posted on Apr 6