What, you may be asking yourself, is/are "kubernetes"?

Here are things it sounds like, but it isn't:

  • It isn't a small plastic apron that you wear to prevent getting a fantail of mud drops on your shirt when riding your bicycle in a rain storm.
  • Kubernetes is not a handy solution if you don't have quite enough bread for a standard-sized sandwich.
  • You will not find it a pair of kubernetes at dollar store next to fake AirPods.

No, Kuberenetes, which allegedly means "helmsman" in Greek (Spiros you could really help me out here) - is the latest and greatest thing cloud computing.  

It is a technology that was created by Google and Others to orchestrate services in the Cloud in containers.  (Container are abstract boxes that run computational workloads, as opposed to bigger physical boxes that we call "computers".) 

If that answer doesn't make a whole lot of sense to you, you can at least take solace in the fact that you aren't alone.  I was thinking of writing more about it, but while I personally find it interesting, a lot of people probably don't.  :)

So feel free to use your Search Engine of Choice to learn more.