don't look at the trees

look at the path between the trees

Today was a bit rough. First of all, I got up super-early to go sit at the Zen Center. Then I had logistical problems and didn’t make it. That’s three weeks in a row I have attempted to get there at 7:30 in the morning and things went awry. First, I had the time wrong. Second, I slept in. Third time, I forgot a crucial piece of equipment and had to turn around and go home.

Sitting zazen with the group is the highlight of the week and I keep blowing it. Now I missed it again. But there is next week.

When you are learning to ski or snowboard in the backcountry, there is a crucial piece of information that a lot of people tell you. When you are going through trees, do not look at the trees. Look at the path you want to take through them.

You go where you are looking, you look at the tree, you hit the tree.

I have to catch myself the I am looking at the trees. It’s hard to divert your gaze sometimes. They are big and looming and sometimes scary, but you have to focus on the path through them.