lookee here

golly.. someobdy’s website is lookin’ fancy!

*What with the new design? Look there is an image, there is an attempt at type-setting. *

I realized that the package I was using to publish my blog, Cactus, had reached the end of it’s viabilty. I had started to work on fixing the opensource software myself becuase I liked it so much. Cactus was written to Django to write out static html files. ONe of the lesser known members of the JAM stack family.

Alas, as I was pulling this thing apart and realizing that it was written in Python 2, it started to dawn on me how much effort that it would take to upgrade to Python 3. I think I may have taken the elegance of Django for granted. So I started looking for other opensouce blogging software. Which brought me to Publii. So here we go. It’s the dawining of a new era. :)