Thanksgiving is a strange holiday.   Aside from two holidays in the calendar year, I never really have a hankering for turkey and mashed potatoes.  (Pie, yes, (but not for vegetable pie, I prefer fruit-based pied, or pecan pie)). 

There aren't a lot restaurants that have a "Thanksgiving Dinner" option on their menu, and there is probably a good reason for this.  I don't think I'm alone in having these meals twice per year, tops.  Although, there could be something items created using molecular gastronomy. Or they could throw the entire thing in a blender for a Thanksgiving Smoothie. 

Besides the meal, I do like Thanksgiving.  The parts I like are being around family (if you have one) and the practice of gratitude.  Even when things are rough, I'm glad I'm here, on Earth, with you gentle reader.  The past couple of years have been very challenging for a lot of people.  I'm glad we all got through the Hard Part.  

I don't mean to be over-the-top, or cringe. But thank you for being here and sharing this experience with me: both the highs and the lows.  I have a feeling, deep in my marrow, that the really crappy times are over and things are going to be better.  

So at the risk of over-doing it.  Thank you! ❤️

P.S. Vegetables are sides, not for pies.  If you have an urge to argue with me about this point, it's ok.  I respect your opinion, it's a personal preference, not a hill that I want to die on. 😁