once upon a time, this blog was interesting

I was looking through the years and years of stuff I've writing under the aegis of "blogging".  I  can't help but think how boring I have become.  No more surf trips in malaria-ridden  global outposts.   No more 

Most of these blogs are down, removed form the interwebs, but I still have some copies of the stuff I wrote. 

I would like to wish anyone reading this a return to the times of adventure.  When you could go to a party and dance with someone without worrying about if they were going to accidentally kill you with an airborne pathogen.   

It's going to come back.  The jobs. The travel. The parties We just need to be patient.  Patience is a real pain because becoming patient requires patience and nobody willing wants to sit through hardships.  

But here we are, let's try and make the best of it.  What alternative is there?