nothing / everything

I went for a walk today and stopped on a small wooden bridge over a creek. Ever since the flood I have been very interested in the local creeks. There are lots of little ones, and this is the one that flooded the house I am living in and released me from almost all my worldly possessions. Cheeky little creek. I'm not writing to complain, though. I was listening to a podcast and took out my headphones. The creek was making a classic "relaxing water sounds", like it was part of a meditation track. I mean, it was gurgling and bubbling so expertly that it could have been a soundtrack. But it's not fake!
You cannot buy this soundtrack anywhere in online stores. This is real life and it is happening right now. Brooks are babbling, cicadas are singing, birds are calling back and forth to each other - even if they are just saying "Hey, let's have sex!" over and over, it still sounds really nice. I encourage you to take 15 seconds out of your day, turn up the volume and remember that the universe is bigger than your problems. That beautiful things are happening right now. You don't have to buy an mp3 of relaxing water sounds, you can just find a creek and pause by it.

Here is a video, turn up your volume.

Nature. from Billy Koplitz on Vimeo.

But wait, there's more, I walked past a shrub that smelled delicious. It was covered in moths and butterflies all of them intoxicated by the candy store smell. I broke off a small piece of flower and crushed it in my fingers. It smelled like licorice. I had to go home and google what it was. Turns out it was licorice. Voilà. Otherwise known as: Glycyrrhiza glabra. Not as pretty of a name as the smell.

I sat down on a bench for a minute to cool off and a moth/butterfly, I'm not sure which, alit on my hand just long enough for me to take a photo and then took off. It probably thought I smelled like Glycyrrhiza glabra.

Thank you for your attention.