my superpower

"maybe i'm wrong?"

If I had to pick the superpower that I am currently closest to possessing, it would be this:

The ability to say "maybe I'm wrong".

It’s not very glamorous. I mean, I’m pretty good at slowly inching along an 80 foot slackline, but that won’t help me save any people from doom.

No, lately I have found myself, whilst in the throes of righteous indignation or professional certainty, having an increasingly common and serene moment where I think, "maybe I'm wrong".

It isn't a skill I got from my home planet, or from the bite of a radioactive insect. I have gleaned this superpower from hours of meditation and watching how my mind tries to promote a narrative. In these narratives “I” usually play a starring role and have a bunch of obviously (to me) correct points of view. But maybe I’m wrong.

I am not saying I am wrong, I’m just inviting the possibility that I am wrong.

Try it. The next time you are in the middle of your own juicy story… entertain the possibility that you are 100% wrong. It feels really good.

Posted on Dec 25
Written by billy koplitz