baby bunnies

life is beautiful

I was looking out my window and saw a rabbit that had been hanging around my house. She was obviously a female (or a "doe"), since the guy (or a "buck") who had been chasing her was a lot bigger and expressed some serious amorous interest.

She didn't seem to interested and he was literally chasing her around yesterday.

About a week ago she had made a nest under a lawn chair, which had been subsequently moved, and I thought she had abandoned her nest.

Here is a photo of her under the slackline, looking wary, as rabbits usually do.

So she was hanging around and doing some pretty bizarre stuff. As is document by myself and Amy in our not-quite-National-Geograpic-level commentary.

Following is the commentary as the situation unfolded. She gave birth to three healthy looking baby bunnies!!! (Which by the way are called "kits" or "kittens", thanks Wikipedia)

They are so freakin' cute, it was unbelievable! Mom was a champ. She didn't get scared of us, or the Orkin man who was inspecting for termites. The Orkin man, though he was trying to be tough, I mean he is a killer by trade, also took out his camera and took pictures.

I don't have an update yet. She seems to have taken off to go to hair salon to tell the girls about her new babies and left them in a little fur-lined nest. I'm sure she has come back by now, but I do worry about the teensy tiny baby rabbits. I sure hope they are ok.

Amy erected a protective barrier using a beach chair, and I'm keeping an ear out for the sounds of lawn mowers. I also put some salad greens in a bowl in case she comes back and is hungry. I washed them off and made sure there was no bacon in the salad.

I've included the sequence of videos. I hope you enjoy them.